Hey, I'm Florian.

I'm a software engineer from Hof, Germany.

I like to build things based on bleeding edge technologies.


Who am I?

I've been programming since late high school as a hobby and started my professional career a year later by starting an apprenticeship at Accenture in Hof.

There I was able to learn development in a professional environment. Since I'm able to learn quickly I was able to go onto client projects after a short training for our internal processes.

I've now been working 4 years at Accenture and often work on personal projects to further my knowledge in software engineering. I mostly start new projects with the goal of learning new technologies for example Rust or Ollama and Vector Databases

What are my skills?

tl;dr: for backend I'm using Java with Spring Boot and for frontend TypeScript with React/Next.js.

Throughout the years I was able to learn many technologies. Here are the ones I'm most confident in working with:


I might have started with frontend development but since quite some time now I've found my passion: Backend Engineering.

I've tried many new technologies in this field but I've got stuck with Java and Spring Boot. In my opinion it's a easy to learn framework and pretty performant. I now have about 4 years of experience with this stack.

For more resource sensitive tasks I've chosen to learn Rust. It's a very low level language when you compare it to Java, but since it has a borrow checker it's much easier to learn than C/C++.

For small, personal and simple projects I usually use Next.js as my backend since I usually have to create the application anyways. But usually when the application gets too complex I migrate the backend over to Java.


I've started with plain HTML, CSS & JavaScript as many developers do when trying to first time program something.

After a while I've started to use the Framework React and never left the framework. It just makes development of frontend applications easy. But now I usually use Next.js since it makes the creating a small backend much easier.

During my apprenticeship I was also able to get some experience with Angular. But after a few times of working with it I've realized that it's definitely not my preferred frontend framework.


I've also had to get to know many databases by now. Professionally I've worked with OracleDB and Apache Cassandra, but on my side projects I usually use MySQL or PostgreSQL.

Since I mostly try to architect my projects as a microservices architecture I've also had my encounters with Kafka and RabbitMQ for asynchronous processing of messages and event driven architectures.

Lastly and probably the newest topic are AIs and LLMs. I've also already gotten some experience with those. I've started to use the new Spring AI module for embedding texts into a vector database and using this as a knowledge base for a chatbot.

Wanna get in contact?

Send me a mail at stuchlyf@stuchlyf.dev or message me on LinkedIn.